I’m a gardener at heart and a bit reclusive. I live on the East Coast, on an island in a garden by the sea. I won’t tell you exactly where though, but if you stick around I will tell you many things of greater or lesser importance. Perhaps often lesser, for what is of everyday importance in life if not the smallest things? Some of which at first glance might seem unimportant, if noticed at all? However it is my intention to cover many topics, our world is so wonderfully diverse – diversity –  isn’t that a wonderful word, but they will all be sandwiched between the greatness of small things – and the minuteness of the infinite.


I’m not alone on the island, I have family and friends which are very dear to me. So I’m not a hermit. I love people, but I also have an inherent need to be alone, as you probably know most writers do. I won’t give you my real name, nor will I ask you yours, inquire where you live, what you do, who is hiding under your bed or what you had for breakfast this morning. However since I love oak trees, on these pages I will call myself Oak.


The name of the website – On Our Blue Planet – is primarily chosen because of the colour our planet has when seen from outer space. Not that I’ve been there. The oceans gives it that most beautiful colour and because blue is associated with the sea and the sky, blue has come to symbolize serenity and infinity.  Our Serene Planet. Our Infinite Planet.


Another connotation of blue is of course “sad”. On Our “Sad” Planet. And it makes me wonder if the planet is sad at the moment? And in that case how sad and why?


Can planets be sad at all you might ask? And with good reason. Well I don’t know for sure. It is hard to ask it. Planets have a certain habit of not answering directly, even when asked in the most polite manner.


And then of course there is the “Our”, it is OUR Blue Planet, not only mine or yours or the penguins planet, it belongs to all sentient beings or we belong to it and all of us bear our individual responsibility for its present condition.


It is my intention slowly to add more material in the form of thoughts, articles and essays about all these matters. I post at quite irregular intervals, so if you find what you read in any way interesting, I would suggest that you subscribe to the free RSS feed.


On Our Blue Planet.org is, and always will be, an independent, non-commercial website. A small, peaceful heaven in cyberspace dedicated to the written word. A work in progress, solely born out of my wish to create and share my thoughts and meditations, for whatever they are worth, about life and everything that goes with it, with anyone who happens to pass by.


So if you like what you read it would make me very happy if you shared these pages with others. That is the best way to show me your appreciation of my work. There are sharing links to social networks etc. at the bottom of every page.


So do me the honour to follow me along the way and discover what might be found here and now, just around the corner in my garden, at the end of the rainbow or beyond – On Our Blue Planet.





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Mahatma Gandhi:

“We need to be the change we wish to see in the world”.



“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.




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