Have you ever thought about starting a blog or an online journal? Perhaps on one of your favourite subjects or hobbies?

Did you do it?

Do you still run it?

I do.

My journal OnOurBluePlanet.org is now in its third year, just having celebrated its second birthday on October 10.

However it’s been almost a year since I posted something new.

It’s been a year of silence.


I often surf into blogs, journals and home pages that haven’t been updated for years.

Some of them unfinished projects, made on the spur of the moment a cold winter’s evening and perhaps worked on for a few days or weeks.

The authors having uploaded all his or her best photos and written passionately, until they ran out of interest, forgot about their blog and got on with their lives.

Others are finished full blown blogs that people have been working on for years. Offering loads of interesting articles and information that I really enjoy reading. But then sometimes, at a certain point, the author stops posting.


The blog is still there…

But nothing happens…

Like a fully furnished house suddenly left by its inhabitants.

Where did they go? Why did they leave? What have become of them?

Who knows?

I find it fascinating in a mysterious sort of way.


You probably have thought about writing a book or starting a blog. Perhaps you’ve done it. You might be successful with it and even earn a bit of money.

And along the way you’ve started at least one online project that you’ve lost interest in or for some odd reason haven’t developed.

It’s part of a process.

But if you didn’t delete your blog, it’ll still be there.

Even if you did delete it, it might be stored somewhere with billions of other kinds of online material by the NSA or on other obscure servers around the world. Saved by systems or people who will never ever actually read, what you have written, but who believe that sort of material might come in handy one day.

And who knows. It just might.

You also could’ve tried writing a blog just for the hell of it. And unexpectedly experienced great success. Either personally or money wise or both. But once you found this outlet for your idea you left it and got on with your life.

It was a one-off.

Which I find very healthy.

You might return to your writing project one day. Or you might not. Either writing wasn’t for you or you got to say what you wanted.

That was that. You left it.


I haven’t left On Our Blue Planet. I’ve just been busy doing other things.

Like taking care of family, talking to friends, drinking coffee, weeding the garden, taking a swim or going for walks. You know, those everyday things which are so important.

I’ve even earned a bit of money now and then.

I’m a writer. But I don’t write every day.

I find it very difficult to write if I’m not inspired. I’m overcome by fatigue and fall asleep in front of the screen. No amount of coffee can keep me awake and get me working.

I’ve tried many, many times, consuming endless amounts of coffee.

I know some writers are very disciplined, getting up early in the morning writing for several hours every day.

Year in…

Year out…

I’d love to do it. But until now I haven’t been able to incorporate that sort of writing cycle into my life and daily routine.

Perhaps the time will come.

Coffee or not.


I suppose all those half finished blogs out there is just a testament to many peoples sudden need to try something out.

Easy to do online if not always in real life.

You sign up in seconds. Try it out for minutes, hours, days, months, years…

And you’re free to leave.


Just as suddenly as you began.

Free to forget all about its existence…

But it’s there.

Like another Voyager travelling through outer space, testament to someone’s thoughts and ideas however vane or ingenious.


Surviving on more or less obscure servers only God knows where.

For years. Perhaps decades. Or longer…

It might mysteriously reach a screen once in a blue moon in Dar es Salaam, Ulan Ude or Tongatapu…

Until someone, who in all likelihood never knew it was there in the first place, mercifully deletes it from its last server, together with uncountable amounts of other unwanted information.

And finally its gone…






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