How often do you hear someone say something and for some reason let it pass, without quite understanding what they actually meant by saying what they did?

I do. From time to time. And I often regret it. Can puzzle me for days.

Last night on the town I met a woman who works with small children. She told me about an episode with a girl 3 or 4 years old, perhaps of Indian origin, who very agitated told her that she wouldn’t play with this other little girl because “then my feet will fall off”.

I can understand that. I certainly wouldn’t play with someone if there was even the slightest risk of my feet falling off.

However, the conflict between the two girls apparently solved itself quite quickly and my acquaintance didn’t have time to dig into what the girl actually meant by “then my feet will fall off”.

Did the girl really fear that her feet might fall off? Was she merely talking about her socks or shoes? Or was she perhaps referring to something you say in her own culture? Or…?

Who knows?

Another of lifes small mysteries.





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